Aion DB

DB update 2.0

+ Added: Performance boost and some pages optimisations
+ Added: Performance boost on Phones and Tablets

+ New: Share icons on phones and tablets
+ New: Connexion system
+ New: Discord Widget: Allow players to see who is connected to the LF Strat Discord.
+ New: Account system: Players can now add friends, follow players, see activities.
+ New: More Translations added to FR/US/UK/IT/ES/PL/KR [Still in progress]
+ New: Widget allowing players to see the last updates of the databases [Still in progress]
+ New: Notification system Push on phones and tablets

+ Reworked: Template and design
+ Reworked: All navigation menus Top and Main
+ Reworked: Search bars designs
+ Reworked: Responsive for tablets and phones [Still in progress]

+ Fixed: Some Translations mistakes [Fixed]
+ Fixed: Some US translations on the database were in Korean [Fixed]
+ Fixed: US Navigation menu on Tablets and Phones did not work [Fixed]

+ Coming Soon: Aion KR 6.2 Update
+ Coming Soon: Tooltips previews for the items on the search pages
+ Coming Soon: Quests, NPCs and transformations search pages

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