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DB 3.0 update

Aion DB in general

+ Modified: The Ultimate / Legendary / Ancient grades are now checked automatically on the search pages.
+ Modified: Magical craft recipes are now automatically displayed on the Recipes search page.
+ Modified: The design the tables and pages.
+ Modified: Tooltips integration and design.

+ Fixed: Many translations in the 8 languages ​​have been added, improved or corrected.
+ Fixed: Many internal parts of the Database have been corrected and improved allowing a much better management of the Database and a much faster page display.
+ Fixed: Improved parts of the design on smartphones / tablets.

+ Added: The latest versions of each language EU 6.2 / US 6.2 / KR 7.0 PTS.
+ Added: The “Painter” class 7.0 on the “skills” search page.
+ Added: The weapon of the “Painter” class in the “weapons” search page.
+ Added: The [US] Ereshkigal server and a “US Connection Server” section on “the server status” tool”.

+ Amélioré: Strong improvement in search page display speed.
+ Amélioré: Strong improvement of the loading speed of the DB in general.


+ Added: Skills are now showing the number of shards used for each attack.
+ Added: “PvP damage ratio” and “PvP skill duration ratio” on skills(Theorycrafting).
+ Added: The enchanting effects of the stigmas Gain on CD / MP (Theorycrafting).
+ Added: “Duration of the effects of each skills” and “Duration of effects in PvP” (Theorycrafting).
+ Added: The ability to show the hostility of each skills on the skill search page.
+ Added: The display of the database name of each skills “DBName”.


+ Added: A mention if the item is sellable to the agent or not.
+ Added: A mention if the item is sellable to the merchant or not.
+ Added: Display of re-identification bonuses.
+ Added: Display of the number of possible re-identification on each items.
+ Added: The sale percentage of each items to NPC for EU / Cube for US.
+ Added: The ability to see “ascending to” and “ascending from” on the items. (Before, only “ascending to” was visible).
+ Added: The ability to choose Ultimate / Legendary / Ancient grades on the Materials Search page.
+ Added: The ability to see the skills related to mounts.

+ Fixed: Fixed an issue where Luna recipes displayed different recipes in the tooltip preview.
+ Fixed: Fixed an issue where some recipes did not display materials.
+ Fixed: Fixed an issue where some search pages displayed tooltips in English while the site language was different.

+ Modified: The re-identification bonuses possible during the first identification.
+ Modified: Removing tabs “content”, “crafted in” and “crafted by” on the “Recipes” and “Luna recipes” pages.
+ Modified: The display of the tabs on some pages and improved the loading speed of these pages.

LF Strat Aion

+ Fixed: Improvement of some parts of DB design and in general.
+ Fixed: Improvement of some parts of the design on smartphones / tablets.

+ Amélioré: The discord has been improved with the addition of new features and channels. In addition, you will have the possibility to make suggestions for the database as well as help us translate the DB.

— Coming soon —

– Preparation of the Stigma calculator a tool to create stigma builds.
– Preparation of the Gear Calc to create stuff builds.

– We will add the Effects of damages gained after enchanting a stigma (Theorycrafting).
– We will add the chains ont the skill pages.
– We will add the bonuses you can get after enchanting a Daevanion skillbook.
– We will add the evolution price of a daevanion skillbook.
– We will add the translation made by LF Strat on the skill descriptions of KR 7.0+ skills.

– The ability to display the DB in KR / EU / NA from the search pages.
– The Display of the Luna recipes in the craft tabs on items.
– The Display of the transformation collections and bonuses.
– The Quest Search Page.
– The NPCs Search Page.

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