1st Alpha of the database

Greetings everyone!
We have the pleasure to announce that on Saturday March 4th 2017, We are opening the doors of our new and first Aion Database!
You will be able to test at the end of the week, our (Alpha) Version of the 5.5 Aion LF Strat DB.

– But you’re going to say “What’s the point? We already have many databases!!”…
The point is that the database will increased the quality of our gameguides and it will give us the possibilty to introduce new up to date tools (like the website Mouseclic). We know that these tools are importants for our community *Nyark*.

Concerning the Alpha, we hope that, thanks to the DB but most importantly to YOUR help fixed the bugs quickly, because for now on we are only two working days and nights on the database features and it’s sometimes hard to find some bugs.
Also the database will be availble in French / English and Korean for the moment we will add more languages later.

We also want to see if the server and the DB are supporting a big amount of players at the same time on the website, so don’t hesitate to /w your friends in-game and IRL!

Help us to fix the bugs

At the time of the alpha, we are going to open a topic on our forum for you to give us feedbacks and also to share with us your suggestions. They are really importants because this will help us to improve your experience on our DB and later on the tools.

Some parts of the database are going to be inaccessible because we are working on it, and some functions are more complicated to implement than others. But the more you gave us feebacks the faster we will open a Beta version of the database!

I hope this announcement will makes you happy as much as we are, Happy Birth”Aion”day to all of you!
The LF Strat team.

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